Fabric Collections

Bringing your ideas to life


“From city to city, MISIA PARIS unveils a collection notable for its desire for adventure. Through the window, cities like Paris, Venice, Vienna, Budapest come and go…. the road to the east unveils its wonders, like the palaces which line it. In the hushed and private ambiance of the “Promesse d’Ailleurs” collection, small Art Deco motifs compete with large oriental-inspired designs. The uncut and marbled velvets converse with bouclettes woven with Alpaca wool.”


The whole world is wide open for capturing ideas for the home and it’s now not so much what inspires your décor, but where. 

Clarke & Clarke

“With one of the most eclectic portfolios in Sanderson Design Group, Clarke & Clarke responds to the need for versatile, high-quality designs. Always with a finger on the pulse of recent trends, the brand makes nods from the sleeky modern to the decadently glamorous.”

Andrew Martin

“Amongst frenzied trends like skandi chic, jewel toned velvet sofas and bright pastel colours its not unusual for some colours to be left behind as we all race to keep up. Brown seems to be one of these forgotten shades that we are suddenly now seeing with new eyes. This earthy hue feels warming and sophisticated and the perfect compliment to tonal soft furnishings and metallic accessories. Watch out grey, there’s definitely a new neutral in town.” (Andrew Martin)


“Since its launch in 1950, the Brodin family vision has been to create inspirational interiors with a range of soft furnishing fabrics and home decor accessories. Today the brand is internationally regarded as the ‘Ultimate Home Interiors Haven’.”

James Hare

“Today, James Hare is Britain’s leading silk specialist. It is still family owned and run by the Hare family, producing luxury textiles for the demanding world of fashion and interiors. Firm favourites with leading designers and decorators, James Hare luxurious fabrics are famous worldwide.”

Morris & Co

“Have nothing in your houses that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful.” (William Morris)

Ashley Wilde

“As a quintessentially British company, Ashley Wilde are proud to be a family business with three generations of expertise. Rich in Heritage and with Design, Style, Innovation and Service as the company’s guiding principles; Ashley Wilde has secured an industry reputation for exceptional quality”



“For homes that surprise and delight, think Scion. This is an upbeat brand for everyone, with zesty colours, clean Scandi-inspired designs and fresh ideas for modern living.”


“Since 1860, Sanderson has taken inspiration from the wonders of the English countryside, furnishing every kind of home with its unique and iconic style. Influenced by nature, the Sanderson look combines beautifully observed, hand-drawn designs that are elegant and easy to live with.”


“If your world is driven by a desire to fuse luxury with art, you’ll undoubtedly find a kindred spirit in Zoffany.”



“If you love high fashion, Harlequin will probably steal your heart. Expect to be wowed by fusions of delicious colours, innovative textures and catwalk-inspired design.”


Chatsworth Fabrics

Founded in 1991, Chatsworth Fabrics From a vast range of plains, jacquards, chenilles, prints, modern weaves and Voiles.



“If you crave contemporary spaces, sleek finishes, moody metropolitan colours and uncompromising innovation, we’ve already got something in common.

We are Anthology and we’re fuelled by a passion for design that embraces technology and constantly challenges convention. Our mission is to help you create stunning interiors that reflect your unique vibe.”